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August 2014


For a very Concise and therefore informative discussion on Product Marketing Strategy, see Target Market Selection Segmentation and Positioning posted on Analysts Perspective Bog of the Demand Metric.com site.  This post describes the 4 major product grwoth strategies and how to analyze them for the best fit for your organization.  A tool for market seegmentation is also included.

Boston Product Management Association May 2014 Event: Marketing Analytics

The Below post is my latest for the BPMA:

The May event continues the BPMA’s focus on how Product Managers can keep up with the latest techniques to enhance their careers.  Jon Gatrell of Pragmatic Marketing, will cover methods and measures to ensure you have the right information to more effectively manage the whole product lifecycle from ideation to sunset.

For some background information on how marketing analytics work, check out The 3 Layers of Modern Marketing: Data, Analytics, Activation in Forbes.com (full disclosure: no relation).Author Cory Treffiletti gives a concise review on how modern marketers use analytics.

For a really interesting example of how B2C marketers use data analytics to drive sales, also see How Companies Learn Your Secrets in the New York Times. This example has been widely cited in the media, and describes how Target identifies customers for direct advertising. The article also includes information on how psychology and neurology enhances the effectiveness of the analytics.


The BPMA is excited about this upcoming event at the Offices of BPMA sponsor Constant Contact,, and looks forward to seeing you there! You can register for the event here.


August, 2013


The Boston Product Management Association (BPMA) September Event is on Adjacent Marketing (Infomration Available HERE), which is a key strategy for mature product marketing.  That is, with mature products in slow growth markets, moving into Adjacent markets that take advantage of core technologies is financially and time efficient.  See some articles about Ajacent marketing on my posts on the BPMA PM Spotlight HERE

May 2013


Boston Product Management Association (BPMA) Marketing Committee

I am currently working for the subject committee responsible for content on the BPMA's website. Spefically, I have been writing articles for PM Spotlight Blog located here (on the lower left rail).