Capturing Global Market Share with Innovative Solutions

What I’d like you to know about me......

I am a Strategic Product Marketing professional focused on gaining global market share, successful with: 


  • Positioning manufactured products in specialty, B2B markets, worldwide;
  • Establishing multiple sales channels; and
  • Deploying modern e-marketing techniques customized to the products’ unique characteristics.

I achieved my global outlook as a marketing professional during a 4 year international assignment to my company’s Italian flagship office. During this period, I was successful at:

  • Honing my global marketing skills by working and succeeding in a different culture;
  • Growing as a professional and contributing to my company’s success.


I have an active community and volunteering life including:

  • Long time involvement with a special purpose educational institute in Maine, The Kieve-Wavus Foundation as a counselor, trustee, advisor, and neighbor;
  • Marketing Committee for the Boston Product Management Association (BPMA) where I am blogger and Web content creator.

Why marketing to a global economy is not a cliché......

“There is significant demand for engineered products in growing countries. As a result;

Developing markets are essential to any company's growth strategies;

  • These markets have many barriers to entry;
  • What is needed for any technical product manufacturer is a comprehensive marketing strategy that leverages their products' strengths with local realities."


“When considering the penetration of a new, developing market:

  • All sales and marketing channels must be re-tooled to the local market.
  • Modern marketing techniques such as e-commerce must be modified for differences in the buying cycle. 

Chinese buyers, for example, are extremely interested in who the supplier is, and what their values are. Personal relationships are also very important.”

On the marketing of engineered products....

Marketing engineered products must be well positioned, priced, and promoted;  

  • Buying cycle is key because this is when the prospective customer moves through preliminary need (initial) to final buy (close);
  • Engineered products have an initial phase that is far more complicated when the buyer collects information while (slowly) moving through the entire buying cycle; and
  • Typically complex engineered products require follow-up by direct sales or a value added reseller is often required.


In all cases, comprehensive information should be available on-line because:

  • On-line facilitation of the buying cycle is extremely important;
  • Modern internet enabled tools provide the technical buyer with significant amounts of information;
  • This significant productivity improvement – if done right – represents a major opportunity to market engineered products.

What my peers have to say about me.....

“ Tench was able to quickly grasp highly technical details and translate, package, and communicate them to international stakeholders including R&D, sales and customers. Using his experience and business aptitude to assess competitive markets and new business opportunities, Tench was able to drive international market share growth in challenging market conditions.”

-- Director of Business Development (former), Varian, Inc. (now Agilent Technologies)

Bill Foley (2011)


"One’s first impression of Tench is of an erudite, sophisticated and consummate marketing professional. He is able to synthesize market drivers and conditions, and translate them into very powerful and succinct marketing strategies. I was constantly impressed by his professionalism, situational awareness and expertise; as well as his unfaltering work ethic. He distinguishes himself with his fresh thinking and effective analytical skills. I recommend Tench without reservation and would be delighted to have the opportunity to work with him again in the future.”

-- East Regional Manager (former), Agilent Technologies

Bob Greenberg  (2012) 

“Tench is an exceptional marketing professional and a great colleague.  Tench played an important role in negotiating and managing key customer contracts... His broad business and technical knowledge, quick grasp of legal issues, diligence and integrity made him an ideal client.”  

-- Senior Corporate Counsel (former), Varian, Inc. (now Agilent Technologies)

Scott A. Leonard  (2011)


"Tench is an extremely talented marketing executive with a track record of identifying, developing and managing technology-based business under challenging market conditions.  He combines a deep technical intellect with sound business judgment and superior communication skills into an operating model that consistently results in well-conceived opportunity assessments and related response strategies."

-- Director of Marketing (former) at Varian, Inc., and VP of Sales at MKS

Jack Abrams



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